Pick a Festival Winner

So, the Grand National: the biggest race of the year and, for a lot of gamblers, a bit of a bastard. Trying to work out which horse is going to win out of a collection of 40 horses is near impossible for even the most experienced handicappers.

In the 70 races of the post-war era (excluding the void race in 1993), the favourite or joint-favourite have only won the race nine times and have failed to complete the course thirty-seven. With that in mind, you may as well pick your horse at random with this quiz!

NB: This random horse generator game is ‘random’ and does not guarantee a winner!

Q1. Chestnut or Bay?

Q2. Jumps or Flat?

Q3. Red Rum or Secretariat?

Q4. Left or Right?

Q5. Dart-board silks or playing card silks?

Q6. Aintree or Cheltenham?

Q7. Crop or Carrot?

Q8. Fight 10 duck sized horses or 10 horse sized ducks?

Q9. Bareback or Saddle?

Q10. Past or Future?

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